Michael Jackson use to take 40 to fifty pills a day. That is the amount that would kill a normal human being within minutes. He had wore his body down. He had no more energy or will to keep living. He became addicted to pain medication in 1993 , not back in the 80’s. And, at first, he didn’t take a lot. Only the amount needed to stand the pain that he had from surgery that he undertook on his scalp . But when he was accused for child molestation on that same year, he started going down the path of a drug addict. What came later was something that a normal human wouldn’t be able to survive. His immune system had collapsed , he was anorexic and addicted. He had no childhood and he had huge mental issues. The case in 2005 killed him. It wiped him out. You weren’t looking at Michael Jackson. You were looking at a man that was praying to God on his knees that he escapes and that his heart stops being empty. The reason why he was spending millions on buying things that he never used was because there was an empty place in his heart that no money in the world could have filled. How haven’t we noticed all of this ? It was always on the news and on the tabloids, but we were after the juicy stuff , the headlines . “MICHAEL JACKSON : GUILTY” , “MICHAEL JACKSON SEXUALLY ABUSED A CHILD” , “MICHAEL JACKSON IS A RACIST . ” - That’s what we were after. Why didn’t his mother do anything ? Hell, if I was his mother I would have stormed fucking Neverland and take him with me. I don’t care if you are Michael Jackson , I was the one who carried you for 9 months in my stomach. She should have done that. They could have pulled him out. They could have got him into an amazing health shape, good enough to do those 50 shows. Nobody gave a fuck about Michael Jackson’s health or what was going on inside of him. Nobody gave a fuck.



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